Thursday, February 21, 2013

Very sew motivated

I cannot say enough great things about the Craftsy bag-making mini-classes.  I am also very grateful that the classes are free.  If not, I would probably not enrolled, thinking I could learn like I learned to knit (reading books and patterns).  The videos have been enormously effective in getting me feel comfortable with these basic projects.

So I dived into the tote bag and zipper pouch mini-class last week.  Not really in need of another tote bag, I skipped that project and moved on to make a zipper pouch with fabrics matching my bucket bag:

I can't say I have mastered the whole process yet.  So it is a great thing that Kristin has posted dimensions for 3 more sizes on her blog.  I would probably make an iPad-size one as skill consolidating exercise.

While messing around with my fabrics stash, I discovered something I left lying around for quite some time.  I have some wonderful friends who know that I started learning to sew, and they would bought me fabrics and books when they went travelling in Japan.  So I had promised to make them book cover.  The said project was half finished when I went into hiatus.

Here it is ... a crazy quilted fabric book cover:

I must have followed a pattern somewhere, just that now I have no idea what it is.  But I am really happy with how it comes out.  Most book cover patterns are customized to fit a specific size.  But since I am making this for my friends, I aim to make it more flexible in size:

Instead of stitching both ends, I used a ribbon for one ... this way it can fit books of various widths.  By the way, don't you like that colorful psychedelia pattern?  Every time I look at it, I think of the 70s, flower power, San Francisco, LSD ...

A full view of the top:

Can you tell that I am much more comfortable with my sewing machine now?  I am, indeed.  So comfortable that I moved on to whip up another bag using this adorable linen/cotton fabric, also from my friends:

The pattern is from a book called Everyday Handmade (which carries a lot of lovely projects):

Perhaps it is the way I feel myself to be ... normal outside, crazy inside, I always like to use the louder print as the lining:

I know the zipper doesn't really match too well ... a bit too white and bright.  But I wanted to capitalized on my motivation instead of waiting to get the matching zipper.  The bag was made in an evening's time.

One great thing I learned from this pattern - how to conceal the raw edges:

Sewing is fun.  And I already have a long queue of projects lined up.  :-)

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