Saturday, February 02, 2013

FO Alert!

This year I have adopted a different strategy.  Since it is during the weekends that I would have a larger chunk of time to work on my projects, I set myself bite-size targets for each weekend.  For example, the weekend 2 weeks ago my target was to make preemie hats, and the weekend before to finish the bag making class on Craftsy.  So far, it is working for me.  During the week, I pick up knitting projects whenever I have the time. Then during the weekend, I focus on my smaller goals and manage to have something done.

Last week, I finished watching the second part of the bag making class on Friday, and made a bucket bag during the weekend:

It was really a lot of fun making this bag ... from the selection of matching fabrics to searching for ways to customize the pattern to make a unique bag of my own.

Do you like the fabrics?  I bought the light blue one from Daiso.  It was originally a Japanese style fabric room divider.  The fabric itself was made in India.  The cotton is thicker than quilting cotton and has a finish like linen ... very lovely.  The darker fabric was something I picked up from Joanne's remnant bin (I love doing that ... it is like treasure hunt and there is always something surprising to discover).  It is some beautiful tie-dye in various shades of blue/purple.  How about some close-up?

To add some fun to the bag, I used 2 different stitches to sew the pocket divisions as well as the top stitching of the bag:

Really really proud of myself for this one ... :-)

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Unknown said...

Wow! that is beautiful. Love the colors and the stitches. I usually stick to the knitting classes on Craftsy, but this makes me want to sew. Thanks for sharing!