Wednesday, January 09, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I think this is my first ever WIP Wednesday post ... something new for the new year ... :-)

When I completely dropped my knitting needles in 2011, I left a few unfinished projects lying around.  Now that the needles are up and running again, I need to go through them.

So far, I got one finished, one exiled to frogland, one ended prematurely due to loss of interest ... and I felt so much better.  Too many WIPs is always a source of stress to me.

Now, I only have three.

Loving the little pumpkins!
Still working on the first sock ... onto the heel flap.  I'm expecting this one to be fast.  The Sock! Merino is really really enjoyable to work with.

This is Palette Fair Isle Cardigan.  I am not really ready to pick it up yet ... it feels too complex for my brain now.  Besides, the colors seem darker than I would like.  But I have already done so much ... and I need another cardigan.

Last on the list is the Magical Mosaic Afghan, which was started in 2009 ... I kid you not!  I remember seeing the one Monika made for her daughter and I thought, "I want one!"  And I still want one ... I am now on the 9th block.  You can see the whole set I've done here (I will keep adding to it as I finish each block).  Besides the fact that it has become extremely immobile (I am working a whole column continuously), I am enjoying it.

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Crazy Knitting Fool said...

I love the pumpkin socks and they are in my queue. I may need to get those knit up soon.