Monday, January 21, 2013

Baby Sunday

A while ago I got a new follower on Twitter called @PreciousPreemie.  I started reading about them on their website and thought maybe I could help a little.

Digging into my stash and leftovers, I found quite a lot suitable yarns for baby hats.  They prefer cotton and acrylic yarns.  But I think bamboo blend would be good too.

So I started with the patterns they linked to on their site and made this little one, literally:

Not having babies or kids in the family, I seldom do baby knitting ... and always thought I was not really interested.  It was a strange feeling holding this tiny little hat ... just imagine those little beings who need them. A little leftover yarns and some time from me can help them.

So all day yesterday was devoted to making little hats:

And I am really loving this basket weave pattern:

This heart shape is another cute one from the Precious Preemies website:

However, the most interesting fun pattern has to be Aviatrix:

It's a helmet-shaped hat knitted on straight needles with short-rows.  I am going to make more of Aviatrix.

The hats have yet to be washed and blocked before they can be sent away.  But baby knitting is definitely feel-good knitting ... fun and fast.

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Crazy Knitting Fool said...

Thanks for the link. I am wanting to do some more charity knitting this year and I love how quick the baby stuff knits up.