Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sock Blockers tutorial

I guess all of us made it through the Mayan Apocalypse! ;-) So let's keep the stash growing and the knitting going, shall we?

Giselle from the Sock Knitting community on Google+ asked me about my sock blockers.  It was something I learned from the internet.  Personally, I don't really block my socks.  Once off the needles, they would go directly to my feet.  But sock blockers can make the patterns, especially lace, pop more when taking photos.  That was why I wanted mine.  But of course I didn't want to splurge.  So I researched and learned how to make my own.

It is actually very simple.  But when I went over the original tutorial, I remembered experiencing some frustration in the process.  So, here I am trying to break it down into more easily understood steps.

Wire Hanger Sock Blocker Tutorial

1.  Look into your closet and find a wire hanger ... I'm pretty sure we all have a few couples hanging in there.  I am using a coated one here, but if you only have uncoated ones, it's still okay.  Locate the center of the long wire and pull down to 90 degree, making a square.

2.  Choose one corner (A) at the center (doesn't matter left or right) and push the corner towards the inside of the square, reverting the right angle.  While you are doing this, locate a desirable width for B.  You will see the shape of a sock is beginning to form:

3.  To finish the shaping, locate a desirable width for point C and push in the direction indicated by the arrow:

 4.  Voila ... your new sock blocker is finished:
You can do some final tweaking to the shape and size at this point.  Once you are happy with the result, go make the second one.  You can add some personal touch to your sock blockers by using some fancy duct tapes that are so popular now.  If your wire hangers are uncoated, it's better to cover them with duct tape to prevent rusting.

5.  Final step ... use them:

It would just take at most 10 minutes once you master the technique. 

Hope you find this useful.  Merry Christmas!

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Becky said...

o.M.G you are a genius. Thats such a brilliant idea!