Friday, August 14, 2009

What's wrong with this picture?

Here I am again ... after an unannounced and unplanned hiatus. The knitting hasn't stopped though, just going on leisurely. Nothing too exciting to show you, just a new sock project for the month. See if you can spot what is wrong:
I know it can be really hard. ;) It would be better if the yarn was in solid colour ... just why they didn't make solid colours in TOFUtsies? Here is a little help:
For some reason, I made up part of the lace pattern myself after turning the heel ... LOL! Sharon Miller said in her book, "... never settle for second best ..." So true. Second best would only deteroriate into an eye sore. So, even though the sock has been finished (even the loose ends were sewn in), I didn't hesitate frogging it.

Talking about Sharon Miller. The edging of the Unst Lace Stole has also been frogged because I just didn't like the way the corner was turned. Never settle for second best. Since I have to start over, I did the doubling right at the beginning this time. But I am still hopeful to finish the stole this month.

Some exciting news about Sock Knitters Anonymous Sockdown schedule:

Sockdown 2009 - 2010!!

  • September – Technique: All knit with the same color (Solid or Semi-Solid Yellow)
    Designer: Wendy Johnson Mystery Sock Designer: Nancy Bush

  • October – Technique: Holiday Stocking/ Man Socks/Knitting for a Cause
    Designer: Jeannie Cartmel

  • November – Technique: Mosaic/Slipped Stitches
    Designer: Chrissy Gardiner Mystery Sock Designer: Star Athena

  • December – Technique: Almost Socks/Leftover Socks/Stashbuster Socks/Stripes/Self Striping Yarns
    Designers: Kirsten Kapur/ Kristi Schueler/ Hunter Hammersen

  • January – Technique: Texture Other than Rib/ Beaded Socks
    Designer: Nancy Bush Mystery Sock Designer: Debbie O’Neill

  • February – Technique: Underappreciated Patterns/ Entrelac/ Intarsia
    Designer: Yarnissima

  • March – Technique: Lace
    Designer: Janel Laidman Mystery Sock Designer: Kristi Geraci

  • April – Technique: Designs from an Online Magazine
    Designer: Cookie A.

  • May – Technique: Cables/Traveling Stitches
    Designer: Cat Bordhi Mystery Sock Designer: Cookie A.

  • June – Technique: DYO, Vintage Patterns
    Designer: Stephanie van der Linden

  • July – Technique: Stranded/Colorwork/Fairisle (Including Nordic/Scandinavian)
    Designer: Anne Hanson Mystery Sock Designer: Chrissy Gardiner


I didn't do too well last year. The new schedule seems a lot of fun ... so I am all geared up for the new year!

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