Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The search for the best summer sock yarns

Well, at least that was the planned post title yesterday ... before I was sucked into the beautiful cover project of the latest VK (they finally put the preview up!):
Knowing my track record of making garments like these, I suppose you won't be too surprised. But you must admit ... this is gorgeous!

However, before everyone gets too excited, just remember this is a VK pattern. ;) First error appears in Row 2! But wait ... there are more. Myra has already ranted about that here. I immediately emailed to VK asking to clarify the errors, and specifically stated that I wanted to work on the project ASAP, so I hoped they would get back to me soon. I'm still waiting. Luckily it's not that complicated and I actually sorted them out myself.

The center medallion is super fast:
However, I may need to redo the bind off using a larger needle.

So, the search for the best summer sock yarns will have to wait! LOL!

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