Monday, January 05, 2009

The busiest square ever

The sock square was finished, finally:
Except the socks and the tassels, other details were lost. In the panel next to the socks, there are 3 heart patterns:
In the photos from the booklet, these were pretty obvious. So naturally, I thought I didn't follow the chart properly. This was one of the reasons I had to redo this square so many times. Finally, I decided that it was not me. I am thinking maybe I should use the lighter colour to embroider the hearts.

Then, there should be the word "SOCKS" all around the central panels:
Again, these are much more obvious in the booklet photos. Maybe it was because of the deep colour I am using.

But still, it is a lovely square. It was also named the No. 1 most challenging square. Only after having worked on it did I realize how true that is. After intensely knitting various types of projects for 4 years, sometimes I forgot how many different skills I have learned during the process. With this square, I felt like going through almost all the skills all over again.

For the socks:
-circular cast on (toe-up sock)
-knitting in the round (with dpns)
-make a stitch
-stranded knitting
-after-though heel
-bind off (alternate colours)
-k2tog, ssk, M1

For the square:
-provisional cast on
-flat knitting
-knitting in the round
-picking up stitches
-knitting from a chart

For the finishing:
-how to make tassels
-how to make twisted cords
-how to sew on appliqu├ęs
-embroidery (double knot)


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