Saturday, December 20, 2008

08:28 Gabi

As I said before, Gabi would be the last garment project I managed to finish in 2008. For the remaining of the month, I would concentrate on finishing my SKA socks for this month (to be more accurately, November) and making a couple of squares (hopefully) for the Great American Afghan.

But to be honest, the GAA is a lot less interesting to me than the GAAA. Some of the squares just seem not too fun to knit. Yet, I am not one to quit easily. :) I would give all the squares a try. If I fail, I think I would just substitute them with doubles of those that work. The most important thing is to be able to move on ... since I already have my eyes on another afghan project.

Yesterday, I wore the freshly finished Gabi and concluded that I need to be a bit more careful. The large kimono-style sleeves in lace means I would easily be caught by door handles ... which already happend more than once yesterday ... hahaha ...

Project: Gabi designed by Marie Wallin from Rowan 43
One interesting about this project is that it is not a very photogenic piece of garment. At least you need to have a photographer to try and find the best angle so that the beauty of the piece would show. For someone using a self-timer at a cluttered home, it is almost impossible ... not to mention the darker plum colour I chose! :)
The rib peplum turns out to be looser than I expect. Besides, ribbing in the mohair yarn isn't really that elastic. So, I think if you have a narrower hip than I do, you can pick up less stitches for it.
I think the best way to wear this is a camisole of contrasting colour underneath so that the beautiful lace would pop. But you know, to survive yesterday's weather, I need a long-sleeved turtle neck sweater ... hehehe ...

Yarn: Rowan Kidsilk Night (67% Super Kid Mohair, 18% Silk, 10% Polyester and 5% Nylon) in colour Macbeth 5 balls
The difference is very slight, but I can say that Kidsilk Night is not as soft as Kidsilk Haze, perhaps mainly because of the shiny bits (which I assumed to be the polyester). Don't get me wrong ... Kidsilk Night is still very very soft ... and I love the little glitters though some may think they would make the sweater a bit over-dress for daytime. :)

Needles: Denise US7 and US5

Cast On: 07-27-2008
Cast Off: 12-18-2008

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