Wednesday, August 06, 2008

08:16 Dreamcatcher Medallion Cardigan

It always cracked me up when I visited the Ravelry Project Gallery for this project ... this is almost the mandatory/obligatory pose. But it can be easily understood. At the end the medallion pattern at the back is the highlight of the cardigan ... without it, this is just a plan cardigan.

Like most everybody else who made this, I love everything about this project ... okay, maybe except the running-out-of-yarn part ... LOL! But looking back, it was not that bad because I really like the 2/3 sleeve length. When searching for the extra ball of yarn, I was hoping to find a matching variegated colour as dyelot was no longer a concern. Unluckily, I didn't really like Cowpoke (3788) nor the gold metallic of Suede Deluxe. But the medallion pattern itself is interesting enough without playing with yarn colours.

Pattern: Dreamcatcher Medallion Cardigan designed by Teva Durham from Loop-d-Loop
I made the medium size and the finished cardigan fits me well. The only thing I am not happy with is the collar. I should have made fewer decreases in the front because my should is not wide enough. My medallion turned out to be smaller, so I skipped the 2 knit-even rounds. I also added one more button hole.
All in all, I think my cardigan turns out beautiful! :D

Yarn: Berroco Suede (100% Nylon) Colour: Miss Kitty (3751) 7.5 balls
Actually, I used just a little bit over 7 balls. Suede is an interesting yarn ... the knitted fabric does feel like suede, which is a texture I always love. The complete man-made content makes Suede not the ideal yarn for garment, but I love how the cardigan turns out anyway ... good decision to make this instead of the bag, if I may say so ... hehehe ...

Needles: Denise US7

Buttons: I got the pack of buttons from Daiso ... a store I love frequenting because you can find almost everything here for $1.5 (mostly). If you love Japanese zakka, you'll love this store too as a large percentage of the products sold here were made in Japan.

Cast On: 07-08-2008
Cast Off: 08-02-2008

Every time I browse through Loop-d-Loop, I would find something I want to make. I think my next target would be Cabled Riding Jacket ... but I would have to use a thinner yarn ... more research on Ravelry! :D

Talking about Loop-d-Loop, Teva Durham has a new pattern book out and there are some pretty things inside ... should I buy it? ::struggle::

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