Monday, July 28, 2008

Exciting ... exciting!

Even with making 2/3 sleeves, I am still 1 ball's yarn short ... so the big hole has to wait for a few days to be completed:
So, what am I to do before the yarn arrives? To start new projects, of course!

I always wonder how some knitters manage to knit the latest, newest patterns while they are still hot off the press. For me, it seems that I am always making something from the past several seasons. But I think Spring Forward is still hot, right? I am using another gorgeous gift from Debi:
This Jungle colourway from Claudia's Handpaint is simply gorgeous (which I hope I could have captured it right for you!), so even though it may be a bit too busy for the pattern, I am enjoying knitting it.

The preview for Rowan's 30th anniversary magazine has been out, how do you like it? Just by looking at the pictures on the computer screen, I didn't jump with joy. It's not that the patterns are not beautiful ... on the contrary, I think they are classy and elegant ... too much for my everyday's need. I will have to wait for the magazine to arrive to have my final say. But I have started Gabi from Rowan 43:
Isn't the lace pattern beautiful? The 10-row pattern certainly seems complicated in written instructions; that was why I charted it myself and it does great help.

While my feelings for the latest Rowan magazine are just so-so, I was extremely delighted with Taj Mahal from knitonthenet. It certainly looks like another would-be-much-loved summer tank for me. Finally found good use to the Cotton Fleece in the stash. :)

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