Thursday, June 26, 2008

Suck it up!

There are some projects that in the middle of the knitting, you just want to set them on fire ... or flush them down the toilet ... or just leave them on the patio hoping the stray cats would take them away!

Think knitting 3 repeats of 16-row pattern for 290 stitches per row! I still have 8 more rows to go before the decrease rows:
This is the skirt for the Lacy Dress ... one side! But knitting in pieces is good ... imagine if I knitted it in the round? 580 stitches per row? Kill me! But I still want to have the dress ... it is pretty. So, all I can do is to suck it up!

Lucky I have other projects to break the boredom:
This one is by Kathy Zimmerman. I always love cables ... but I especially like the cables on the side panels whose design is rather special.

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