Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I turned 44 on Sunday ... and this year, this day was an extra special day. Husband has been working on his pet project for a couple of months ... and on Sunday, it was ready to be launched. Version 1.0 of Imagiris is live now.

What is Imagiris? The website is self-explanatory and you are all welcome to explore what you can do with it. But I can tell you that the quality of image zooming using Imagiris is amazing. Husband has been comparing the results he got from Imagiris with various tools available, including Genuine Fractals for Photoshop Elements, and Imagiris beats most of them and is highly comparable to one or a couple of them.

Another great feature is that Imagiris is completely automatic. You don't need to adjust any parameters ... just upload the picture and click the button(s) and it is done. If you are like me, who just want a good quality zooming and to whom all those terms in photo editing are like a foreign language, this is a great great feature. And of course, it is free.

Husband has lots of ideas to further improve the program and new and improved features would keep coming. He is all ready to hear what the users think. So, feel free to drop him a note ... he would love that! :D

Oh, to celebrate my birthday, I also started a new sock:
Recognize the pattern? It's Evelyn Clark's Go With The Flow ... all I can say about this pattern is ... crazy! Yeah, it is crazily addictive ... and it goes crazily fast! This pair would be done in no time, I guess. ;)

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