Thursday, May 08, 2008


I read this inspiring post a few days ago.

When I first came to the States, Husband was a bit worried about me always being alone at home when he was at work ... hardly knowing anyone else, not knowing how to drive, so I was pretty much confined to staying at home. He was able to feel relieved when he found that I enjoyed being in my own company and never ran out of things to do. Maybe to some people, I am even too much of a hermit. But the fact is when I am alone, I don't feel lonely.

I am quite sure that little girl would thank her mom for handing down such a precious gift. :)

One of the excitements of completing a big project is the opportunity of starting new ones. My original plan was to start the Unst Stole after finishing Diva. Actually, if I did start, it would be my third attempt on this lace project. However, one thing I forgot was the use of provisional cast on ... which I am still not able to do without checking knitting how-to books. Being lazy and not wanting to figure out how to do that again, I turned to another lace project:
Isn't this pretty? The pattern is Lacy Dress on the cover of VK Spring/Summer 2007. The is the back of the bodice. I am using a much thicker yarn (TLC Cotton Plus) than the one used in the pattern.

There is also new sock on the needles:
This is supposed to be a cable pattern (Brigid). But as you can see, the pattern is completed obscured by the colourway. I can tell you that almost nothing works for this colourway, except plain stocking stitch and simple ribbing of course. I just want to finish this pair as fast as I can and start something else.

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