Monday, May 05, 2008

08:09 Diva and new books

Before I tell you about the new FO, let's talk books. To be more specific, knitting books. Due to the lack of space, I am now really selective with knitting books. Most of the time, I checked them out from the library to decide if they are worth owning. If it is mainly a book of knitting patterns, the answer is usually no ... I don't have time to knit those I already own anyway. However, when it is a book like The Knitter's Book of Yarn, one that is worth reading besides the lovely patterns, I just think every fiber lover should own one.

And then there comes books like A Fine Fleece. I tried, but I know I am no spinner. Basically, I can just skip the spinning section and go directly to the patterns ... so it is a book of knitting patterns to me. But this is a book I know I have to have ... even without checking it beforehand. I just can't resist exquisite cable/aran designs, even though the sweater designs are mostly guernsey-style without much waist-shaping. I made one sweater like this before and I just love wearing it (yes, it was originally for Husband!) Besides, the book is so beautifully produced that I just don't want to put it down!

Now let's talk project FO. I just wish I had started this project earlier so I can wear it immediately instead of putting it away for a few months. But still, lucky me that it was a bit cool when I took the picture so I wouldn't be sweat-soaked ... hahaha ...

Anyway, I love this cardigan. I love the big shawl-style collar, although I wish I had used a smaller needle for the that part so that it would be less drooping than now. But I still love it ... love the style. I made the small size and it fits me ... I am not really a small woman, especially now I have gained some weight, so I guess this pattern is not for the true petite type. Besides, I think the collar requires a body frame with relatively wide shoulders in order to hold the shape. I do okay but I wish I had straighter and wider shoulders.

Pattern: Diva designed by Hanne Falkenberg
Very special garment structure which makes the knitting a very fun process even though the whole thing was knitted in garter stitch. As you can expect, the pattern was well written and I just followed the instructions ... though sometimes I would wonder why, and I would then soon see why.
The pin that came with the kit feels a bit too heavy, so I will be looking for a lighter one. I especially love the slit cuffs. Actually, a lot of features of this cardigan reminds me of Teva Durham's Diagonal Twist Princess-seam Cardigan.

Yarn: 100% wool Shetland 2ply yarn (in colours black and oatmeal)
I bought the kit from this eBay seller ... super fast shipment from UK, reasonable price and shipping cost, well-packaged ... simply put, I can't say enough good things about her store. The Shetland wool was pretty rough to the hand but softened greatly after bath. The 2ply yarn gives a very light but warm cardigan ... perfect for everyday wear in California winters. There is even a sewn in designer label for the finished cardigan but somehow I didn't know where I put mine. :)

Needles: Addi turbo circulars 3.5mm for the body and collar; 3.25mm for the sleeves

Cast On: 03-11-2008
Cast Off: 05-03-2008

With one cardigan finished, I have moved on and have my eyes on this. :D

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