Monday, April 07, 2008

New projects, old projects and finished projects

Sorry for being MIA for a while. I only have time for a really quick post ... so just briefly go through what I've been working on.

New sock on the needles:

I love the gorgeous colour of this Tofutsies and the sock has been sailing quite smoothly ... up to the heel. This I knitted according to the pattern, and the heel was too tight for me ... so I am going to rip back.

Both sleeve cuffs for Diva were finished:
I used one needle size smaller than that for the body, hoping that the sleeves won't get too long. But I have to put this down for a while since I am going away for a break and won't be taking Diva with me.

I love the little drawstring back Tuulia made for me very much, and have been using it since. However, the bag is a bit too small if I am using a large skein of sock yarn. So, I made my own from this pattern (which is very very easy to make):
The orange one was my first attempt ... the width was right but it turned out too short. The second attempt was a success ... exactly what I wanted:

Oh, and I finished a fabric shopping bag I've been stalling for quite a while ... finishing always makes me happy:

I'll be leaving in about 2 hours ... and I still have a couple of things to pack. So, au revoir. See you next week.

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