Monday, January 07, 2008

Stormy weekend

I certainly consider myself lucky. We just had the worst storm in 5 years here. Rain poured for 2 days straight and this was a river near us:
2 more days of heavy rain like last Friday and Saturday, I was pretty sure there would be flood. Our power and gas are intact ... lucky indeed, still got to watch tv, use the internet and keep the apartment warm. So, no complaint here.

There was high surf advisory during the weekend ... the highest went above 40 ft. We missed those when we arrived at Pacifica on Saturday, but what we saw was high enough to impress:

Best way to sit out the stormy weather was of course to work on the cozy afghan. Another square got done:
Isn't this square gorgeous? It is funny that I also share the designer's feeling of disappointment if a beautiful motif is separately knitted and sewn on. I especially like the way the acorns are made in this square.

Besides actual knitting, sniffing and patting lovely yarn gifted by a good friend is also a great way to spend the weekend:
I am looking for another Nancy Bush pattern for this beautiful yarn. Thank you so much, Debi!

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