Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Some random thoughts and an update

Perhaps one of the reasons I don't like winter here is the change of the clock. Without this, daylight can last until at least 6 in the evening; now it is pitch dark at 5:30!

Receiving, or more accurately, being woken up by anonymous phone calls in the middle of the night, say, 3 a.m., really gives you creeps on the spine! I just wanted to scream profanity into the receiver, or better, reach into the receiver and strangle that creep on the other end, last night!

I was a bit disappointed by the latest IK ... not because of the patterns (they are okay), but because this girl was not one of the models! I think she is one of the most beautiful knitwear models ... and so I am definitely biased, but she always gets to wear the more wonderful designs. Without her, the magazine seems so plain.

How much do you like Ravelry? I like it not so much as a social network (I am really not that sociable anyway) but it seems Ravelry has replaced my other blog for keeping records of my knitting/crocheting projects. It would be really great if there is something similar for sewing projects. I also like it as a knitting patterns central. That was how I got the idea of making Gathering Intentions. By the way, the back is almost done:I am loving it!

Have you read the story of Sugar Ray? If not, be prepared before you read ... it would break your heart. Do you think you can spare a few dollars to help? I thank you on behalf of the poor little guy in advance.

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