Monday, November 26, 2007

Pink comes in two

It's a totally different shade of pink, but still in the same family of pink ... Guess I won't knit pink for quite another while.

I almost didn't make this cardigan. The gauge is 11 stitches to 10 cm ... I don't have such thick yarns in my stash. Then, I read Lori Z's FO post and realized there are actually 2 gauge versions! 17 stitches to 10 cm sounds much better to me. Then I hesitated. When looking at the jacket's photos, I felt that a heathery yarn would be the best. I was not really sure the petal pink yarns I had would be good. But then I thought, what the hack!

So, I cast on ... and well, made the jacket! Since this is a jacket, I chose to make the M size. But I guess I could have made the S size and still get a good fit. As it turns out, this jacket in petal pink is not too bad after all ... actually I am very very happy with the result.

Pattern: DROPS Jacket Pattern 103-1
The pattern is actually very simple but the writings are not that straightforward. Or I should say it is not so to those of us who are used to American pattern writing. I had the greatest problem with the sleeve cap: "When the piece measures [certain length] bind off for the sleeve cap on every other row: 3 sts 1 time, 2 sts 3 time and 1 sts 1-2-3-4-6-7 times.
Continue to bind off 2 sts each side until the piece measures 41 (56) cm [15¾” (21 5/8”)], then bind off 3 sts each side 1 time and bind off remaining sts." The instructions in italics didn't make much sense to me. So this is what I did:
1) instead of "every other row", I did the bind of every row
2) then I did the decrease one stitch each side rather than "bind off 2 stitches each side
However, maybe what I did wasn't quite right, or the same as intended by the pattern, that was why my sleeve caps, especially the left one, look a bit crunched up.
I have looked into all the FO photos of this project in Ravelry and decided that 3/4 sleeves are the best. But what I got seems to be somewhere between 3/4 and full sleeve. Okay, confession ... I didn't swatch to the full ... no washing the swatch. So, maybe the yarn stretched a bit after wash.
After all that's said, again, I love this jacket! Love the buttons too ... got them in Joann:
Yarn: Jaeger Como (90% Merino, 10% Polyamide) Col: Petal
I have used this yarn before and learned my lesson. So I avoided all patterns with cables or that are too complicated. At first I thought even the double moss stitch wouldn't work either! Luckily it turned out not too bad. For the M size, I used 7 balls.
Not my most favourite yarn and I am happy that I have used most of what I have.

Needle: Denise US9

Cast On: 11-19-2007
Cast Off: 11-25-2007

I think I am going to put a hault to this sweater craze for a while and put more time on my first quilt. Yes! See the colourful bundles of fabrics I got for it:All have been washed and ironed and I am now in the stage of cutting.

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