Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ink Flared Sweater

Casey asked me if I was going to share how I fixed that problem section ... oh yes. The only problem is I didn't take pictures. Basically, I followed the suggestion of the very knowledgeable Debi (thank you so much, Debi), that is cutting out the thin section and knitting back the required number of rows, and then grafting the two sections together. One thing I'd like to remind you if, unfortunately, you have to do similar thing, cut in the middle of the thin section. That would definitely be safer ... you are trying to get rid of that section anyway. The grafting was really not that bad ... with thick-and-thin yarn like this, the knitted fabric is very uneven in the first place.

Okay ... the good news is, as you can guess from my last post, the sweater is finished ... but (there is always a "but") the yarns I showed you last time were not enough for me to finish the sleeve cap. How I wish Nanette's suggestion of doubling the thin yarn had come in earlier! Instead, I have to gather all those scraps from previous failed casting on attempts ... yeah, the yarn broke at least three times when I cast on for one of the body pieces. So, good news ... no need to buy another skein; bad news ... lots of loose ends to weave in ...

What about the seaming and neck band? Luckily, since I didn't trust Cash Iroha to be a sturdy yarn for seaming, I decided to double strand the Deluxe wool I used for Husband's sweater and the green Clapotis for seaming. But that still leave yarns needed for the neck band. What about a different colour?Can you recognize the orange yarn? Yes, leftover from the Diagonal Twist Princess-seam Jacket. Notice how the tweed flecks in the orange yarn match the colour of the main body? Perfect! One thing I learned from knitting Norah Gaughan's Shell Tank is the reverse stocking stitch for neck band ... simple but effective in solving the problem of rolling neck. So now, I have a sweater with 2 colours:I like the roomy fit and the length is just perfect; however, I feel something more is needed to make the neck band more natural. I definitely feel that today is my lucky day ... the Purl Bee blog carried a duplicate stitch tutorial today! So, I used the orange yarn and added a little something:Duplicate stitch for the flower center and backstitch for the petals ... totally freehand. Now the neck band feels more organic to the sweater:How do you like it?

Pattern: Ink Flared Sweater by Black Dog Designs
I could have made the smallest size, but somehow I love to have a more roomy sweater. Instead of casting off the pieces when finished, I left them on as live stitches. Since the neck line seemed to be too wide for me, I decreased evenly 12 stitches when picking up the live stitches and knitted 3 rows of reverse stocking stitch. Since I like the rolled edge of the sweater, I skipped the single crochet on the hem.

Yarn: Noro Cash Iroha (40% Silk, 30% Lambswool, 20% Cashmere, 10% Nylon) in Colour#93
The pattern suggested 8 hanks for the medium size ... but I used every bit of the 10 hanks I had. Even without the little drama of the thin portion, there is no way I could make this with just 8 hanks.
I totally hated this yarn during the course of knitting! Perhaps I don't really need to elaborate on why anymore ... LOL! But I think I like the knitted fabric. It is not butter soft ... but quite comfortable and definitely warm. Will I use it again? Mmm ... nope!

Needle and Gauge: 16 sts to 4" (10cm) over stocking st using Denise US 10 needles ... but I think my row gauge was more loose, thus my sleeves are longer.

Cast On: 10-24-2007
Cast Off: 11-01-2007

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