Sunday, November 04, 2007

I made a bag!

At some point, I thought I was never able to get this together. You know, the same story about my assembling all the notions for a sewing project ... it just seemed I always left something out. I am just hoping this would get better with my increasing sewing experience.

But finally. Finally the bag is finished!This is my version of Amy Butler's Frenchy Bag. Mine doesn't really have an "Amy Butler look" ... most probably because of the more subtle pattern of the fabrics. Those Amy Butler fabrics don't always work for me ... actually, most of the time they don't. But I fell for this bag immediately. I am not a bag person ... and I can use one bag for a very very long time. However, the fact that I can made a bag presentable enough to be used is indeed a thrilling thing.

I said "presentable enough" because you really can't have very close inspection without finding some imperfect spots. But anyway, who cares? It's done; it can hold things; so it is good and I love it. Take a peek of the inside:It is quite a big bag yet I have to remind myself not to "overstuff" it ... otherwise, the lovely shape would get distorted.

The exterior fabric is a great bargain I found in Big Lots! Yeah, Big Lots! That came as a great surprise to me too ... fabrics! $5 for 2 yards of 54" wide home decor fabrics. Okay, so you need to dig deep for patterns you like ... or even go to a different store for different choices ... but $5 for 2 yards! I bought this originally thinking of cushions and bolsters; and after making the bag, I still have lots of fabrics left for cushions and bolsters! :D As for the lining fabric, it is one of those remnants I grabbed when browsing in Joann's ... these always come in handy especially when they are of larger pieces.

Now I have a new bag ... let's go shopping!

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