Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Mystery Stole 3

As I've told you, I finished MS3 before my Mother-in-law arrived. When it was being blocked on the carpet, Husband commented on its strange shape. During our visit to the Filoli Mansion & Garden, I showed him how to wear it. He was amazed and thought that the "strange" shape now made sense.

It's true ... you have to wear MS3 to know that the seeming awkward wing section actually makes a beautiful wear. I use my Romi shawl pin, which goes very well with the red heather colourway:After making the Sampler Stole, I knew that I much prefer rectangular stole to triangular shawl. You can say that MS3 is a combination of the 2 shapes but tends to be a stole more than a shawl ... and I like that.

I should probably wear something more elegant ...
but just didn't have the energy today!

Pattern: Mystery Stole #3 designed by Melanie Gibson
I had great fun doing this mystery knitalong and am especially happy that I could finish the project. The theme of this stole is Swan Lake and the wing section is a unique design feature. The middle cat paw lace section was a bit boring ... however, I think this section is the most beautiful and love it!

Yarn: KnitPicks Shadow (100% Merino Wool) Colour: Sunset Heather 2 skeins
I have to thank Rebekah again for these 2 skeins of lace yarns. The colourway is very beautiful ... and I suppose you all know about this KnitPicks lace weight yarn ... very good quality for the price.
The beads I used are Mill Hill 8/0 Pony Beads I got from Stitches West this year, but I lost the package and couldn't remember the colour.

Needle: Addi Lace Circular US4

Cast On: 07-03-2007
Cast Off: 09-05-2007

Lovely summer is coming to its end ... and for this summer, I haven't made a sweater! Not that I don't want to ... actually I had plans ... just that I only have so much time! Not to mention all these mystery knitalongs that keep popping up! Ooops, I have just joined another one! LOL!

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