Monday, September 24, 2007

My First Quilt!

That's right ... and all hand-stitched! I worked all day Saturday to finish it and am feeling damn proud of myself. It was immediately put into use, despite Husband's insistence that it was too pretty to be used (one of the zillion reasons I love him ... hehehe ... always manages to make me feel I am good at anything!):Yeah, one day's work would give you a quilt of a coaster's size! :) If I machine quilted it, it would go faster, I suppose. But I did enjoy the process of hand-stitching all the way. Starting with this small project from this translated version of a Japanese craft book, I learned the very basics of patchwork and quilting. It was pretty easy with detailed photos guiding me through the process. As you already know I have a special love for sampler afghan, so it should be no surprising that I would naturally be drawn to patchwork quilting.

As a first quilt project, I think I did a pretty decent job:

The fabrics were randomly picked fat quarters I got quite a while ago from Joanne's. The combination of the colours may not be very good ... but the fact that it is a very usable household item is pleasing. I am planning to make more ... as they don't use much fabrics and they are good exercises.

Talking about exercise, I even made my first ever bias tape:The idea of making bias tape has always been hauntingly complicated to me. But following the instructions of the book, I found that it was not that difficult. I even succeeded in matching the pattern!

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