Sunday, September 30, 2007

Muir is growing

I can't believe that it's the last day of September already! Originally, the weather forecast predicted there would be the possibility of rain today ... a sign of winter coming! But it turned out it was a gorgeous day. So, we took advantage of it and spent some time in the swimming pool. But I know, autumn is certainly knocking on the door ... there have been other colours popping up in the trees. Autumn is a beautiful season ... but I certainly love summer more.

Yet, good thing about the cooler season is great motivation to knit! Since I had my sewing station set up, I certainly spent much more time browsing sewing books and thinking of what I should make. But I am still knitting. Proof:The pattern has come out and isn't it lovely? Even in its unblocked state, the lace pattern is obvious to the eyes. I don't think I would ever be able to memorize the pattern, but it does get easier with the more pattern repeats I've done.

My report card on socks is zero for September! I did start the Maizy Socks for Husband, but I has just turned the heel for the first one. So, zero for socks! :D

But then, I was very excited about finishing another sewing project. I love making things that I would use and wear. I've bookmarked this project for quite some time since I have needed a holder for my crochet hooks, which were kept in a tampon vanity zipper bag (hahaha ... ). Now they are neatly organized:

I love to have the holder narrower when folded.

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