Friday, September 21, 2007

How far can 350 yards go?

As promised, I have some progress and new project to show you. :) Always love the feeling of starting something new!

First of all, I seem to have more success with small hook than large ones! My Ring Around the Posy Coverlet is progressing slowly but steadily. How far can 350 yards of size 10 crochet thread go?7 motifs. Does this qualify for Friday Eye Candy? The more motifs I made and put together, the more I found them beautiful. I am able to remember most of the pattern already ... still at least 123 more to go!

New project! How do you like the latest Knitty? I don't have much impression of all the other patterns because my eyes were fixated on Muir - it's mohair; it's a large stole; it's lace! What's not to love?
See those lovely stitch markers?
Gifts from Tuulia!

I bought the yarn first intended for Aimee from Vintage Knits ... but on second thought, having a holey mohair pullover isn't really a very good idea! So, this lovely mohair from Artfibers is going to be Muir.

The pattern of Muir is not exactly an easy one. Whenever there is high concentration of YOs, I would need extra focus in order not to make mistake. That's why I could only go through half a pattern repeat so far. But really, I can't wait to have this stole done!

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