Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Crochet Resilience

Failing in big hook doesn't stop me from picking up the hook again. The small steel hook helps me to bounce back. I ran into this lovely Coats and Clark booklet in Michael's. Since I have all the supplies I need for the Ring Around the Posy Coverlet, I started right away:Just after making one motif, I know I am in love with this. I did make some mistakes with the first one but since they are not too visibly obvious, I let them be. I figure once I get familiar with the pattern, the time to make one motif would be even faster. But no matter how fast I get, it would take a long time to make this coverlet as I need to make 130 motifs! :D Since I threw away the package plastic without checking, I don't know what exact colour the crochet thread was. So, if I am not able to find the matching colour, I would make one in mixed blue and white.

Progress has also been made on the MS3. I am now halfway into Clue#6. But instead of showing you the unfinished stole, I think it would be more interesting to share with you what happened in my garden yesterday:In the morning, it was still a long flower bud. Then when I looked casually from the coach around 5 in the afternoon, I was shocked to find this dramatic blooming. It was my first time seeing a moonflower blooming, so you can imagine lots of "OMG"s!

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