Wednesday, August 22, 2007


My original plan was to wear a black dress plus the Hanami Stole to the wedding. But then when I checked, here it said that black dress was not for daytime wedding! Okay, so I had to look for a dress. That led me to Anthropologie and saw this:The thing is, I was not particularly impressed by the sweater I saw in the shop. However, its construction and made-up are highly interesting. I remember this cardigan from Alterknits:Pieces made from different yarns of different gauge being put together can create interesting effect.

I have loads of leftovers - mohair, lace, sock weight ... plus the Barbara Walker and Vogue knitting stitch books ... very exciting!

If I finally get to make this cardigan, I would call it Frankenstein Patchwork Cardigan. :D

Oh, and about the dress ... I decided to wear black at the end. I just look funny in floral prints ... and it was hard to find a dress I like not in black.

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