Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Undulating Rib Socks

I finally managed to cast off and weave in the ends for this pair on the last day of June ... and so keep having at least one sock FO each month. :D A silly little vanity of a knitter, don't you think? LOL!

Have I told you I love this simple pattern? It is just a pity that I never managed to photograph it well ... but believe me, the socks in person look better:Well, yeah, I wore them to take the photos ... but don't you worry, my sock pal, the photos were taken before I washed and blocked them. Besides, I got you a third sock:This is my first mini-sock ... and making it was really fun!

Pattern: Undulating Rib Socks designed by Ann Budd (Favorite Socks)
Easy, simple and yet not boring to make ... and the ribbing is elastic, so very suitable when you are making the socks for someone else, kind of like an insurance that the socks would fit better. I love this book (thank you again, Debi!) and am planning to make the Waving Lace for my next pair.

Yarn: Interlacements Tiny Toes (100% Superwash Merino Wool) Colour: 211 Renaissance 2 skeins
Let's just pretend I haven't told you how much I like this yarn. ;) So, we all know Socks That Rock yarns have lots of fans ... and I have made 5 pairs of STR socks. However, when I first knitted with Tiny Toes, I fell in love with it. It is really really soft and elastic ... and felt lovely to hold the yarn in your hand and knit with it. I definitely love Tiny Toes a lot more than STR. If you think the colours are too saturated and strong for you, actually they have solid colours and pastel colours too.

Needles: Crystal Palace bamboo dpns US1

Cast On: 05-25-2007
Cast Off: 06-30-2007

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