Tuesday, June 19, 2007

GAAA - Only 2 squares left ... and I made an aran sweater in one day!

I know it is hard to believe, but I did really finish making an aran (with bobbles and cables and all that) sweater on Saturday. I even have proof ... Dino here is wearing it:
Okay ... so it's only the front of a mini-sweater, but still a sweater, and I only need the front! It is for the Susan Rainey Square, which was the 1st prize winner of the GAAA design competition:
I have often dreaded the knitting of this square. It was fun making the mini-sweater, but the stockinette stitch square is very often the turn-off for me.

Still remember the "pain-in-the-butt" square? Here it is:
The Patt Tanton Hewitt Square is another one I deliberately kept to the last. Visually, the square is so crowded with the fat cables and bobbles that I felt suffocated. Knitting-wise, having used to making cables without cable needle for so long, I found it really exhausting to have to use 2 dpns plus a cable needle just to make one cable twist:
On top of that, the cable twists and bobbles always seemed to pop up on rows I least expected them to ... and that meant frogging back! Aargh!

Therefore, it is really a soothing sight to have these in the patio:
Yes! It just seems a dream come true ... right now, there are four big heads already and I can see another two plus some smaller ones are gradually opening.

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