Wednesday, June 27, 2007

GAAA - Ginger Smith Square ... and ... whew!

So, this is one of the moments I've been waiting for anxiously. I just washed and pinned out the last square:
The biggest moment has yet to come. I felt so good that I had the mood to sew up the first 20 squares earlier. Each square is 12" x 12" ... and there are 6 x 4 squares. That means I have to knit a border at least 240" long. I am not sure how long that would take me, but I tend to exaggerate the time I need so that at any chance I could finish quickly, it would really feel even better. Strategic ... LOL!

I consider myself right on schedule with the afghan, so now I have a little breathing room for other projects. First priority is of course to finish the second sock for my sock pal (haven't forgotten her ... actually, always have her on my mind ... hahaha ... ). Talking about not forgetting ... do you still remember the Sashiko Jacket? I got myself all prepared for the last big piece:
Yeah, this is not a project that you can start impromptu; you need good preparation to ensure smooth satisfying knitting.

Besides, there is the Mystery Stole 3 coming this Friday. I have been really pathetic in my last 2 mystery projects. I couldn't bring myself to read the charts in Mystery Shawl. The yarn I intended to use for Mystery Stole 2 never arrived (my first experience of yarns lost in the mail!) ... I didn't even get to swatch. I have trained myself to knit from charts and I have the yarn right here in my stash. KnitPicks Shadow in Sunset (thank you, Rebekah!) using Denise Needles in US5:
Since I just finished a black stole not long ago, I decided to deviate from the suggested colours (black or white) for the mystery theme. I like this more than those using US3 and US4.

The only problem now ... I am wondering when I would be able to get into the Yahoo!Group server on Friday ... imagine over 3000 people all trying to download the files around the same time!

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