Monday, June 11, 2007

GAAA - Georgia Vincent Square ... and Spring Cleaning ... and change!

I don't know why I made the change ... but I just did. From now on, the comments here would be done by HaloScan. All the past Blogger comments have disappeared but I have saved each and everyone of them. I hope this would make it easier for you. So, if you have something to say, don't be shy! :D

One big relief: I finally finished washing all the winter sweaters last week. In the past, whenever I thought of having to do that, my head would balloon in size! In the last apartment where we lived, laundry was done using coined machines in the common laundry room. I never knew how to set the washing machine just to spin ... and am still wondering if that could be done on coined machines. But now I have the machines inside the apartment, things get A LOT easier. With the help of the spinning, even the very bulky sweaters can get dry within a much shorter time! We are going to have fresh clean sweaters when winter comes ... yay!

My knitting energy level dropped during the past weekend. I did knit ... but it seems not much was being done. Anyhow, there is one more GAAA square:

The Georgia Vincent Square was knitted in the round. It was all good until the last few rows. Since I didn't have dpns in US8, I had to make use of the Denise cables and needles to finish this square ... quite a pain ... and you can see that the last few yos turned into LARGE holes! From the above photo, it seems that this square has nothing special. Yet, it is the most beautiful one in the whole set to me ... you just have to look at it from a different angle:

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