Saturday, December 30, 2006

Diagonal Twist Princess-seam Jacket

So the zipper finally arrived yesterday and I could get to install it. At first, I was thinking this time it would be easy with the sewing machine. Yes, it was easy ... but not because of the sewing machine. You see, the thing with installing a zipper is that the first time is the hardest and the most intimidating. You don't really have the slightest idea of how to do it ... you do lots of researching ... and you are still not sure if you get it right ... but you just go ahead and see what happen ... and then it is done, good or bad. Then, when you need to do it the second time, you suddenly find that a lot of the nervousness is not there anymore. Nice!

Now with the sewing machine. Mainly two problems. First, I couldn't control how close to the teeth I could get. With hand sewing, I could get this:
I didn't make the teeth go all invisible because I am afraid the yarns would get caught in the zipper all the time, especially with the tweeds. As you can also see, the stitching is also invisible ... which is practically impossible with the sewing machine.

Pattern: Diagonal Twist Princess-seam Jacket designed by Teva Durham from Loop-D-Loop
Lots of people took a great liking to this pattern when they got the book because the jacket is really lovely. But as I've told you before, so far no one has made one ... I wonder why.
I made basically no modification except lengthening body and the sleeves a bit to suit me. I like having the zipped version more. Besides, I am glad that I got a 2-way zipper ... seems way cool.

Yarn: Classic Elite Gatsby (70% Wool, 15% Viscose, 15% Nylon) Colour: 2185
I made the small size and used 8.5 balls. I don't use bulky yarns very often, but this Gatsby is a lovely yarn. Since it has been discontinued, the choice of colours is very limited now. I chose to use the same yarn as the one in the book because I was not sure if it would be easy to adapt the pattern for a different gauge. Now that I have finished making the jacket, I found that it was really not too difficult.

Gauge and Needles: I used Denise US15 and got a gauge slightly tighter than 12 sts = 4" over Diagonal Twist Rib.

Start date: 12-09-2006
Finish date: 12-29-2006


Anonymous said...

Beautiful jacket! It looks really pretty and stylish! Nice work with the zipper!

Debi said...

Beautiful jacket Agnes! It looks spectacular on you and so cozy! Well done on the zipper, I agree the first time is scary but from then on it's a piece of cake! :)

Tuesday is the big day, right? :)
I'm excited!

Happy Healthy New Year to you and hubster Agnes!!

Knittypants said...

Beautiful jacket! I was just pondering this jacket and wondering how difficult it would be to sub yarn for it. Thanks for sharing :-)

Anonymous said...

Very nice!

MiniLaura said...

The sweater looks great and I think you did a good job with the zipper. They are hard to install, but as long as you get close enough, other people won't notice.

Anonymous said...

Lovely jacket, I've been meaning to knit this for the longest time but couldn't figure out the construction. Then again, I was a very new knitter when I got the book. Maybe I should have another look-see.

The orange is very pretty. I love the way this turned out!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. The two way zipper is a neat feature, too.

Dipsy Doodle said...

I'm actually so scared of installing a zipper that I didn't do quite some projects that I would have loved to make - just out of horror to install the zipper. Oy ;(
Your jacket looks totally stunning - what a gorgeous pattern, and that colour! That colour!!! You know I adore orange, so this is a feast for my eyes! Great job!

claudia said...

That indeed is super cute. Maybe someday we'll get a head in those FO shots.


Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

The two way zipper completely makes the jacket. That looks so nice on you.
Did your machine come with a zipper foot? Maybe it slides from left to right, or you got two separate ones - left and a right. That would let you get closer to the teeth if that's what you want (getting too close can also cause zipper snarl).
You did a beautiful job. Congratulations.

lekkercraft said...

wow - your jacket is gorgeous. i'm surprised we aren't seeing them all over the internet and blogs! You did a great job w. the zipper too - i'm still nervous to attempt them.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!! I was so excited to see that you were making this and have been watching to see your FO - it's beautiful, and it seemed to take you no time at all! Great job! I would love to make this - it's definitely on my list!