Friday, November 03, 2006

Socktoberfest 2006 Roundup

Since quite a lot of Socktoberfesters have been doing roundup, I think perhaps I should too ... though there isn't really too much to round up! :) But before that, let's have a look at my Halloween bucket:
As it turned out, only 1 pair of little brothers came knocking on the door. So I still have a full bucketful of candies. But that's a lot better than lots of kids come knocking when I only have cough-drops in the house (which DID happen to me!)! And this is why I always make sure the candies I buy are ones that I love to eat. ;)

Now, the Socktoberfest round-up. This is my pathetic achievement:
Just a sneak peek ... since I could only finish one sock. But I really like the rich colourway.


Jennifer said...

That is a gorgeous colorway! The important thing is that you were working on socks for socktoberfest.

Anonymous said...

Love that colorway and pattern. What is it?

Knittinreed said...

LOVE that yarn!!! Is that the Flow Motion pattern?
We also have lots of candy left over - had about 25 little (and some big) trick or treaters). But I did see some Kit Kats, so it looks like the good eatin' stuff

Anonymous said...

Oh, this sock is definitely *not* pathetic, I totally love the pattern as well as the colorway! Looks amazing! And awww, all those candies, yummy - I'm drooling all over here ;)

Mimi said...

The colourway yarn is beautiful, I like the change of tones. It must be fun to knit with a yarn like that.
Happy knitting with chocolates! ;)

Laura.Y said...

ooo Nice colors. What yarn is that?