Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This Tuesday has got to be random

... simply because I have nothing to show you! :)

- The reason I have nothing to show is that the Socktoberfest sock has to be frogged. Yeah ... it really sucks. Once I turned the heel, I tried it on ... and it was a tiny bit small. Now I am knitting it on US1.5 needles and the first heel has again turned ... it should be good.

- What sucks more is that I frogged another project over the weekend. Remember the Must Have Cardigan? I was on the sleeve island when I stopped working on it. I didn't really know why I stopped ... there is just something not feeling right. Ever since, the idea of frogging it has been brewing in my mind ... and I did it! I started it again with a larger needle which gave me the right gauge as specified in the pattern.

- Without too much effort, I haven't bought yarn for 2 months. Honestly, the urge is not too great. Since I came back from my vacation, I learned that a new yarn store has opened in my neighbourhood and I know it is a lovely one. But I haven't even visited it yet ... because I don't need to buy anything. Absurd to a lot of you, right? I would eventually go ... maybe next week ... just for a visit.

- Not having bought anything doesn't mean I don't have new yarn. I have this in the mail last week:
This is a free ball of Sock Candy, courtesy of Kaci Kyler of Blue Moon Fiber Art. How I got this from her is a long story ... one that I don't have complete memory of already! hahaha ... but I am happy to be able to try this yarn out finally.

- I have my Halloween treats ready just in case there are little ones (there seems to be quite a lot in the neighbourhood) knocking on my door this evening ... how about you? ;)


Debi said...

A new LYS and you haven't even window shopped? Yikes! Your resolve is mighty! :)

Love the sock candy can't wait to see what you do with it!

Laura.Y said...

Understand where you are coming from now with yarn shopping. Fear not! Yarn still comes your way though! Cheery color that Sock Candy! Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor you - I think we all know what it's like to frog a project, all these hours that were spent working on it, and then it's just woosh and gone they are.;( But sometimes it's for the better, and I'm sure you'll be finding a way better pattern for that yarn! And talking about yarn, the pink one you got looks so yummy!

Jeanne said...

New LYS and you haven't visited? Wow! The Sock Candy is very cute - can't wait to see what you make with it.

Jennifer said...

Can you believe we didn't get one trick or treater? The kids had a good time trick or treating though. Did you get a lot of trick or treaters?

KatieLiz said...

I feel your pain, my Socktoberfest sock ended up in the frog pond for the very same reason yours did... I was even at the same point you were! How maddening!

Anonymous said...

A new yarn store and you haven't visited!!!! Do you have any other symptoms? Have you scrubbed the toilet instead of knitting? I fear for you....perhaps just a little visit to just sniff the wool?