Thursday, December 15, 2005

Something better?

I've been troubled by a cold bug for 2 days. Nothing serious ... just some sneezing and nose-blowing, a little bit tired. It's always more serious in the morning. Knitting is still going on. But there is another more serious bug nagging me as I am progressing slowly with the Wavy Lace Shawl - the pattern doesn't go well with the variegated yarn:

See what I mean? The pooling has taken all the attention from the lace pattern. Last night, I finally admitted to myself that it was not worth going on. I did some search and found Ella. The originally pattern also used a variegated yarn ... but still I have to make sure it works well with mine too:

I think it is A LOT better. I like the idea of a V-shaped shawl, so I am going for that. A plus for the pattern is that it is surprisingly easy to memorize. I hope to get more done to show you how it turns out.

While I am still waiting for the zipper to arrive, I started a real winter sweater using a discontinued yarn:

Como is a very very light merino yarn which feels very soft in the hand. I originally planned to make one of the sweaters from the Jaeger 09 Como Collection. But then the Urban Aran from Street Smart caught my eyes. One good thing about knitting with bulky yarn is that it is fast. I knitted 2/3 of a sleeve for gauge testing and then now I am almost at armhole shaping for the back:

Suddenly realized that I am knitting a sweater in ribbing again!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you're really speeding along. The sweater looks great with that pattern of ribbing.

Laura.Y said...

so many projects going on..:) Do get well soon yea.

Anonymous said...

The yarn is looking better as Ella. And you know what? I've exactly the same colour Como yarn as you sitting in my stash without a pattern and now I'm in love with your Urban Aran. Do you have any idea where to get the Street Smart book online? I definitely need to get one now.

Mimi said...

The wavy Lace Shawl is a pretty pattern but for variegated yarn, Ella will work better. I like that v shape,I think it's easier to wear the shawl in this format.
Your sweater choice has a very nice pattern with the diagonal ribbing. Good choice!
Take care and get well soon!

Debi said...

Sorry you're not feeling well...hope you're better soon!

I liked the wavy lace but the Ella is truly's such a neat stitch/design!

Your Urban Aran is lovely!!

Pumpkin sends chirrrps!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ella looks amazing with that blue yarn. I guess one of the reasons I'm not too keen on variegated yarn is that it depends so much on the pattern to make it work. Glad you found one.

Hope you get better soon!

claudia said...

That Urban Aran is a very cute sweater. I hope it gets cold enough there for you to wear it!

Anonymous said...

Ugg... I feel you with the cold. Seems to be making it's rounds through So Cal. My voice was so offended at the cold it left :) Thank goodness for silent internet typeing... Love the orange sweater. Cheery for sickies!

Harmonia said...

Nice pictures as always! Hope you are feeling back up to par soon! Have yourself a wonderful weekend. Thanks as always for your comments. They brighten my day!

chris said...

I liked the Wavy Lace, but I really LOVE that yarn in Ella! It's going to look so beautiful. I've been seeing such great Ellas in bloglandia that I'm tempted to give it a go, too. Your sweater sleeve looks lovely! I love the color of the Como. It looks so soft! Hope you feel better soon...take care! :-)

Lolly said...

Urban Aran has been on my list for many moons - seeing yours makes me want to cast on right now! Love the cabling and stitches. Ella is a beauty too ;)