Sunday, November 13, 2005


Post Project Depression, that is. Well, not really what happened here. It was just knitting has taken a slower, more leisurely pace. I spent some of my time reverting to an old obsession - detective thrillers and already finished one book by Jan Burke. My first time reading her book and I quite like it, so much that I think I would get more.

However, new projects were also started. Instead of working on the gloves for my brother, I got selfish and switched to the Vanalinn Gloves from A Gathering of Lace for myself. The pair from the book were white ... but that is not too practical for me. So, I have chosen the red wine colour:

I have already made the left thumb opening. I can't get the picture to show you the zig-zag lace pattern clearly, but you can see how the gloves are supposed to look like here. About the gloves for my brother, I already got Ann Budd's pattern book ... and I would use Husband's hand as the basis for measurements. But still I would make a pair of fingerless gloves with covers, just like Broad Street.

I have also started the Wavy Lace Shawl from VK Fall 2005. The one in the magazine was a cashmere shawl ... which is not very hard-wearing, I think. I am using the Araucania Nature Wool I got from Monica's destashing. I have 6 skeins and I am into the second one now. The pattern is not too difficult and I like the colour:

See the wavy edge? I don't know why, but I seem to be always attracted to wavy pattern ...

People in my household (a total of 2!) like calling each other freaks and not take offense. I am the knitting freak ... Husband is the game freak. And I think to many of the regular visitors of this blog, I must be a mohair freak! See these 2 KSH in their Royal Highness?

After being gifted 2 balls of Jo Sharp Rare Comfort by caitlyn, I again became the lucky recipient of these 2 balls of KSH in the colour Lord ... an expected gift from joy! Thank you very very much, joy! Other than petting and enjoying their silky softness, I have not plan for them yet. But surely you'll be the first one to know if there's a change. BTW, I do have plan for caitlyn's gift. I discovered that they were the exact same yarns used for Misty Garden in Scarf Style ... and I like what I see. So, they would become my Misty Garden.


Ruth said...

hi agnes!
i really like that wine color that you put on for the lace gloves. btw, i have that book and have been eyeing those gloves - one day i will cast on for it! i'm sure yours will look very pretty! your lace projects always look very nice (your wavy lace shawl looks great!)

Anonymous said...

That's such a gorgeous shawl. I'm sure you will do great with it.

Can't wait to see your gloves completed.

Anonymous said...

Have fun with the yarn! ;)
That wavy lace shawl is on my to-do list too. Look forward to seeing yours done up.

Anonymous said...

Is'nt this wierd. I have just finished knitting the vanalinn gloves for myself, the broad street gloves for my hubby and ( this is not meant as an advert) I have just posted a pattern that uses 2 balls of KSH on my blog:-) ESP or what?

Anonymous said...

Oh the glove is coming along quite lovely! I love the color, white isn't practical for hardly anyone I think, especially in something that will be touching many things.

Anonymous said...

I loved the lace gloves when I saw them on Janine's blog and now you're knitting them too. Look forward to seeing a bigger photo of your wavy shawl.