Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I have absolutely nothing to show you! Not that I haven't been knitting ... I have ... it's just there is nothing to show, yet, I hope! Maybe due to the weather, I haven't the mood to start a real winter sweater project. Sometimes you just have to have a real need to get you moving. So, instead, I picked up another UFO - the Bomber. Right now, I am finished with the increase of the first sleeve! When I last put this project down, I was bored with the mindless ribbing. Now I seem to welcome it.

I also keep working on the Wavy Lace Shawl. However, this is the problem of knitting a long rectangular shawl - once you get a hang of the pattern, it becomes a little bit boring. So, I just knit a row or two here and there ... that would eventually add up.

I had several false starts with the Great Amercian Aran Afghan. First, I got something wrong with the garter stitch border. Then, I found that the needle I used was not to gauge with that particular square I chose to start. Now, it's back to ground zero.

During one of my internet pattern-browsing sessions, I came across something I wanted to make ... a lot! Just that I don't know any recipient for the project:

Isn't it hilariously cute? It's a baby hat ... I'm not sure if there is any mother who would let her baby wear this hat, except me (that is if I had a baby myself, but that is not going to happen). So, I'm thinking of making it into adult size. But first, I have to examine the basics of hat knitting.

Husband is not a country music fan, but he "has an open mind to good music" (his own words). So lately, the song Country boy can survive got to him as a good country song. He thinks the lyrics are very romantic in their own way. Last night, he bought the song from iTunes and was browsing other country songs there.

Husband: Maybe we can buy a farm when we retire and grow our own food.
Me: (Silently knitting Bomber's sleeve) Mmm ...
Husband: And we can have lots of animals ... you can have as many cats as you want, you know.
Me: (Knitting paused) Can we have sheep?
Husband: Of course, for your wool!
Me: We should grow cotton too, then!

It's always good to have dreams. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday everybody.


spirals said...

me and my bf want to have an acreage with lots of dogs, sheep for wool and he wants to have chickens.... hahahaaha its a good dream!

chris said...

Can I come live on your farm, too? ;-) I love that hat- so perfect for Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Agnes! :-)

Debi said...

Hey, if we couldn't dream, what would we have? Harsh Reality, lol!

I love the chicken hat, you should make it just for fun! Maybe a "Chicken Hat A Long" ? Future Halloween costume?

Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving Agnes!! Pumpkins sends many juicy chirrrps and purrs!!

MiniLaura said...

I hope your farm dream comes true. My dream is to own a working goat farm: goat cheese and kid mohair!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lolly said...

Is this UFO Bomber that you speak of the one from Rowan's Denim Style? I have my eye on that one...

Have a happy Thanksgiving, Agnes!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that hat! And I can see you wearing it! ;)

Mimi said...

Isn't that the husbands are learning the importance of yarn. Look at your husband fast response, ships for wool! :D
Good that you are working on you UFO's, I should be doing the same!

Anonymous said...

That hat is hilarious! But I think it'll go well for your farm, heh, heh.

Anonymous said...

My husband will only agree to an apple orchard -- but I'm still working on him for animals.