Monday, November 28, 2005

Monday morning

Just a few things on this Monday morning.

Over the Thanksgiving Bondathon on Spike (do you like James Bond?), I finished Bomber ... the pieces are ready for the washer. However, stupid me forgot to write down the washing setting for the swatches. So, I would most probably start with cold water ... and keep my fingers crossed that it works.

We are going to pick up my MIL this noon. She is going to stay for a week, during which knitting and blogging may be minimal. Feeling a bit anxious because I am going to give Kiri to her ... hope she would like it. ;) It's a pity that the weather starts to get lousy (well, exaggeration here ... just a little bit of overcast sky and showers) here when she comes.

I like the new Vogue Knitting Stitchionary ... a lot of lovely stitch swatches there.

I don't like the latest Harry Potter movie.


chris said...

How could she not love your beautiful Kiri? What a lucky, lucky lady to receive Kiri. :-) And Bondathon on Spike, eh? My DH would've been ALL over that one! It's a good thing he didn't know! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hope the weather turns for the better so you all can go out and have some fun.

MiniLaura said...

Do you already have the Stitchionary? I've been waiting for that but Amazon doesn't have it yet.

I wasn't trilled with Harry Potter 4 either. It was my favorite book of the series and I was sorely disappointed with the movie.

Laura.Y said...

Agree with candsmom, how could your MIL not love Kiri..:) It's beautiful and a great piece of artwork.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure she will love Kiri and can't wait to see Bomber. Wow...crazy about your debit card too. I'm so horrible about not reading my statements. Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see Bomber all put together.

I'm sure your MIL will love Kiri. It's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hello Agnes!
Have fun with your lucky for her to acquire Kiri. I am jealous....she will treasure it always. Hope all is well with you!

letti said...

man, i missed a bondathon!?!?!?!?