Thursday, September 01, 2005

The moment of truth

So far, I have made 2 sweaters with sleeves - my first sweater and Barnyard Guernsey sweater. The former is a raglan but since I used the yarn specified in the pattern and was on gauge, I had no problem with the raglan sleeves. The latter is a drop-shoulder sweater. Therefore, I have yet to experience the agonizing feeling of the sleeves not fitting the armholes ... which I don't really look forward to.

For the Sirdar sweater I've been working on, with the help of Ann Budd's sweater pattern book, I modified the drop-shoulder into set-in sleeves. My progress with the sleeves is actually pleasantly surprising to myself. It took me less than a week to finish both sleeves. Last night came the moment of truth - whether Miss Budd's pattern and my knitting work well:

Notice I didn't cut the yarn from the finished sleeve? I was fully prepared for the possiblity of frogging! But perhaps I should have more confidence in Miss Budd ... the sleeve and the armhole measurements fit! *Bunny dance was witnessed by Husband in the middle of last night.*

Non-knitting aside: If you live in New York city, watch out for this pervert on subway ... better yet, remember his face and when you see him, report him to the police.


claudia said...

Looks like we are both having a good sleeve day.

Debi said...

Well done Hunny!! You have really good knitting karma :)

Pumpkin sends smoochies!!

Anonymous said...

The sleeve and armhole fits perfectly, congrats!