Friday, September 23, 2005

Blue Sky

Blue sky from Santa Clara yesterday. These photos are not only for Sandy, but also for her and her, and many others who are part of the mass exodus trying out get out of Rita's path.

In case you didn't notice (there, on my sidebar!), I made great great progress on my attack on the blue afghan. In fact, there are only 1.5 squares left for knitting. I am now browsing Nicky Epstein's books for ideas on the edging for the afghan.

Have you ever read any wonderful stories related to knitting? I am a mystery/thriller junkie, but the closest I got is Miss Maple in Agatha Christie's detective novels. But I read a wonderful one on Lori's blog ... I love that story and recommend you to hop over to her blog and have a look too.


Sandysknitting said...

Such beautiful clouds in your sky! I am keeping those in Rita's path in my thoughts today. THAT sky must be the scariest!
Thanks for sharing!
Love your river shrug!

Debi said...

Beautiful sky pics! The one on the right almost look like a "fishscale" sky, the kind you get before it snows...altho I don't guess it will be snowing in SoCal any time soon, LOL!

Thank you for the compliments on my shawl, I really love her too!

I just have to tell you Agnes, I have SO MUCH sock yarn yet the skein you sent sits on my table by my knitting chair and I look at it longingly, just waiting for the minute I can start some beautiful socks for ME! I really really love it (in case that fact wasn't already quite obvious, heheh!) I'm finishing up some socks for a friend and I'm knitting a Ribby Cardi for my Dad and being a 2 project at a time woman, I must wait but soon, soon....

Thank you again, Hunny!!
Pumkin says chirrrrrip too, Auntie Agnes!

letti said...

there are never really true blue skies in malaysia..and i'm always amazed at how blue the sky can be on clear days over here.