Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Let's climb the ladder and see afar, shall we?

What do you see? I see a line of roaring cars lining up:

and the drivers are all focussing fiercely on this point:

Yes, the last weekend, I went to another autocross as Husband's official photographer again. After exploring the various settings of the camera, I can now take pretty good pictures of the cars racing through the track in high speed:

[Note: This is not Husband driving ... I just chose this picture snobbishly because it is a Ferrari! LOL!]

And of course I brought along my socks with me ... they seemed quite excited about the exposure too:

Here they are, finished but unwashed and unblocked:

Pattern: Chutes-N-Ladders from SixSoxKnitAlong
This is a fun pattern to knit. It looks complicated but actually is very easy to memorize.
Yarn: Patons Kroy 4-ply Col: 54010 Newport Tan
The yarn feels soft in the ball but after knit up, the socks are a bit stiff. I was a little bit disappointed. However, this got changed after I put them into the washer. It is machine washable in cold water. The socks become incredibly soft.
Gauge and size: 9 stitiches per inch
I made the largest size with a cast on of 80 stitches. Since I used the tubular cast on, I got 81 stitches. So, I k2tog the last stitch in the round with the first one. This also helped to minimize the gap there.
Needles: DPNs US1.5

Now I can put them away in the closet until October, when they will be sent to my father for his birthday.


Anonymous said...

heehee, I love the photo with the socks on the cones.. they look like they're directing traffic! Its great that you are done with a gift so early - nice job!

Anonymous said...

Those look lovely! I was scrolling down through your entry, and when only half of the picture where the socks are on cones was revealed, I thought, very pale legs, and they are perfectly up in the air! A few milliseconds later, ooooo, cones!

Anonymous said...

Love the sock pattern. Very cute, and what great fun they must have had. Did you see the news about the Ferrari that blew up somewhere in WAshington state because of a spark while the owner was pumping gas. It looked just like that one, okay it was yello, but to me that's just like.

claudia said...

Your socks are having a great time. Mine are complaining of boredom.

Anonymous said...

I like the pictures you took with your new camera! The colors are awesome and the definition beautiful too. The socks are amazing and too pretty to put in the closet. Your father will be pleased Agnes!

Laura.Y said...

those sock pictures are priceless! haha cool picture there! All the pictures are a beau! Thanks for sharing.

soapy said...

Love the pictures of your socks!! I bet your father will enjoy them!

opportunityknits said...

Those are are the best sock photos!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful socks ! I love the cable pattern !

Anonymous said...

I like the socks at the race track photo. Very cute!
They look great.
That yellow Ferrari is pretty nice too. : )

Liz said...

Agnes! My hubby & I used to autocross! My hubby still does and is saving up for a "more competitive" car! He's looking at an S2000! Does your hubby do any of the Tours or Pro events? Kirk has been to the DC Pro and the Peru event as well. I was usually his photographer as well! :)

Heather said...

Love the socks! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog...

I was visiting you the other day looking at your lovely tivoli top...debating whether I *HAD* to make it...and I kept looking at how nicely yours fit!

Have a awesome weekend...

ooh ferrari...that sure is a sweet ride...looks like fun.