Tuesday, July 14, 2009

09:09 Great American Afghan

I checked my Ravelry entry for this project and the start date was July 2007. Wow! It took me the entirety of 2 years to finish these 30 squares! Now, here it is:

Due to the colour of the yarn, I figured the beauty of the afghan would never be fully appreciated if I took the pictures indoors. And since the weather has been so good these days, so I took it to the lawn under glorious sun. Voila!
All the smallest details can be seen reasonably clearly. However, I was actually feeling a little bit traumatized while taking these pictures (due to a little episode of locking myself out of the apartment ... must have been too excited, just took the afghan and the camera and forgot the keys!), I didn't think too right and just took the pictures from one side of the afghan. Therefore, not all the squares could be seen in close-up shots, including my favourite "Tree of Life" square (which you can see in my last post).

Making patchwork afghans is a magical experience for me. Like every other projects, it usually starts off with great anticipation and excitement with me feeling very ambitious and eager to work in full force. Then the passion cools off ... a bit ... then a lot ... and the project goes into hiatus. At some point, either out of guilt or annoyance looking at the pile of knitted squares, I would come back to it with greater enthusiasm. The excitement would mount when it comes to sewing time. But the real magical moment is when I knit on or attach the border and see how beautiful the whole thing is:
And since it is my own work, it always surpasses what I see in the pattern book. Mine is the best! And so now you can understand the narcissistic act of taking photos of the same afghan from more or less the same angle ... LOL!

Since I didn't buy the yarns in bulk, I had great difficulty tracking how many balls I used. I already made a mental note to self to do better in this aspect when I work on the next afghan project. :) Yeah, I think I would start the next one really soon.

Project: Great American Afghan
Yarns: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Worsted in Forest Green Heather and Seaspray
Needles: Denise Interchangeable
Cast On: July 2007
Cast Off: 07-11-2009

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