Saturday, May 09, 2009

09:07 Botanica Medallion Cardigan

Actually, I can entitle this post as "I knitted a big circle":
I have to say this is a really really fun project. First of all, the eye-catcher central medallion. Starting with 6 stitches with dpns is always a little bit tricky, but once the number of stitches increases, the knitting is a smooth sail. And believe me, you don't want to stop until casting off. :D However, one thing to remind those of you who are going to make this: cast off with a bigger needle and loosely.

Then, there are 4 stitch patterns with different row gauge in the outer band. There is only one thing I didn't really enjoy -- the k3tog. And there are LOTS of them ... LOL! That was why I need a little time off after a while ... the fingers really hurt. But that was all worth it because the cardigan is so so cute:Do I look like a big bear with a huge back? hahaha ...

Mmm ... okay, this one seems better ...

I should have started the outer band with a provisional cast on which would make it more seamless. But with the different stitch patterns, it's not difficult to match well. Blocking is definitely a must for the medallion before finishing the outer band because that would give you a more accurate measurement.

Oddly, I like how the cardigan looks in the front more than the back:
But the cardigan is truly a summer garment because it doesn't go well with anything with long sleeves. This shirt is the only sleeveless one I have handy right now. :D

One thing I am sure ... I love this cardigan!

Pattern: Botanica Medallion Cardigan designed by Shiri Mor from VK Spring/Summer 2009
Don't forget to check the errata page before you start.
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Banana Cream (157) 5 balls
Needles: Denise US5 (the outer band) US7 (medallion)
Hook: 4.5mm (single crochet around the armholes)
Cast On: 04-07-2009
Cast Off: 05-04-2009

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