Wednesday, April 29, 2009

09:06 Milo Socks

At the time of writing, WHO has already raised the alert to Level 5. Two schools here in the Bay Area are to be shut down for a week because of students suspected of suffering from the Swine Flu. It does seem the situation is going to worsen ... to what extent I don't know. But it doesn't hurt to be careful. When the news first broke, I already called my mom and asked her about preventive measures during SARS. In times of advice, always turn to mom! :)

Anyway, I hope you all exercise common sense and stay healthy.

And of course, I finished my socks for this month. I chose Milo because of its name. The first thing that came to mind when I saw the name "Mile" is a cat ... Jessie's cat. I watched this cat grow up (by reading Jessie's blog, of course) ever since he was a baby ... One good thing about adopting others' cats on the internet is that you get to enjoy all their loveliness without suffering their evilness. :) So, once I saw the Milo pattern, I decided to make it if I could find the yarn to match it in my stash. I found Panda Silk:
I'm wondering ... what colour did you see? Blue? Grey? I felt confused too when knitting ... most of the time I saw grey. But despite the colour, I love the feel of this yarn while knitting. Silky soft and smooth. 52% bamboo makes it a bit splitty. That was expected ... but really, not so serious as can be called a problem.

Milo is a lovely pattern. What I love most is the XOXO running along the heel:
Actually, the front pattern is XOXO too ... just in a larger scale:
Can you see the sheen in the photo? It is lovely, isn't it? I am hoping Panda Silk would be another choice of summer sock yarn for me after TOFUtsies. Though there is 43% of merino wool, the yarn is of true fingering weight and feels cool on the hand. However it still has to be tested in the real warm weather and in the washer. Will keep you posted.
Pattern: Milo by Cookie A from Sock Innovation (Love this book ... love this book ... )
Yarn: Crystal Palace Panda Silk (52% bamboo; 43% Machine washable Merino wool; 5% combed silk) in Colour Pearl Blue
Needles: Crystal Palace bamboo dpns 2.0mm
Cast On: 04-01-2009
Cast Off: 04-27-2009

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