Thursday, March 12, 2009


My exercise routine reached a new milestone last week. I am still working on the treadmill for 30 minutes every time. Last week, I was able to walk/jog 2 miles in 30 minutes! Yay! I am still alternating the walking and jogging sessions, but now I can do 5 minutes/5 minutes sessions and the jogging speed is 4.8 mph. I think this would be the limit for me, so if I want to accomplish more distance, I would need to spend more time on the machine.

Or, I can add strength training exercises. And I did. Once again, keeping things simple helps. At first, I just did one set (10) each of squats and lunges. These have always been exercises I really dislike doing ... but they don't need any equipment ... simple. This week, I start doing sets of 12 ... not much, but still improvement. I also add 2 sessions (25 counts each) of plank. My goal is to be able to do 1 minute at a time.

One thing I learned from this exercising experience is ... Patience is the Rule. Start as moderately as it suits you. Set humble, reachable but still challenging goals to keep the motivation alive. Before you know it, you are making progress!

The baby knitting is progressing too:
I think I'd better go get a zipper tomorrow so that I would be able to put that in if I can manage to finish the knitting the coming weekend.

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