Monday, March 09, 2009

New Green

Last time I tried Cat Bordhi's new way of sock knitting, I didn't get anywhere. But I figure this is what may happen when one leaves her comfort zone and tries something new.

So, I tried again. :) The Spring Thaw Sock is a really eye-catching pattern. Making it in March is the perfect time to welcome spring. And what's a better colour than green?
Just finished the heel turning. But getting there was not smooth sailing at all. I know there are numerous ways to cast on for toe-up socks: Bordhi uses Judy's magic cast on and many knitters favoured Turkish cast on. Unfortunately, both didn't work for me. Every time I knit toe-up pattern, I attempt to use these 2 methods ... and get frustrated. Then I have to resort to Figure 8 cast on. Maybe next time I should save myself some time and go straight to my tried and successful method. :)

Then, the needle size. I used the suggested US2 since the total number of stitches after the toe-increasing is only 58. However, the twisted rib turns out to be quite stretchy in this pattern. I am using US1 now, but I suspect even US0 would be okay.

Next is the foot length. I used the calculation in the pattern and started the leaf pattern after 4" of knitting even. That was proved to be half an inch too long. Now it is just right:
I like the arch structure of Bordhi's pattern. But I think I need more practice to get the new approach internalized ... especially the numbers involved in the heel turning.

Thank you very much for your input on the Autumn Rose swatches. (I have pulled the poll.) I like the top half of Swatch #1 and the bottom half of Swatch #3. Since I don't want to get stuck in the swatching zone, I decide to combine the two parts that I like instead of swatching again. However, the fair isle pullover would have to give way for the baby knitting ... baby grows fast, you know, so I don't have one minute to lose. :)
Another project in green! The gender of the baby is unknown, so green would be perfect.

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