Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The hummingbirds never leave

This year, the clock change for DST arrived unbelievably quietly ... maybe it was because of the economic crisis, tv news and radio stations just gave a brief mention and that was it. This past winter, I found out that hummingbirds here never leave. They would be in hiding when there was a storm or if it rained, but once it was dry, they would come out again. Compared to other parts of the country, there is really no winter here.

So, give it another couple of weeks, maybe I have to put away the wool sweaters. I only needed to wear the bulky sweater once this past winter. Got to re-evaluate the to-knit list ... but bulky items seldom make it to my list anyway.

Today, some people were wearing short-sleeved cotton tees. I had my February Lady on. I kept asking myself ... should I start the Autumn Rose Pullover now? It would be good to start now and have it finished well before the next cold season comes. But yet, when it is so springy and warm outside, I am wanting to make something for the warm season!

The baby knitting is finished and all I need is to sew the snaps on:
Yeah, due to a mistake, zipper is no longer the ideal method of closure. ;)

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