Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Swatch #1

Hello. You still come here? Thank you! I'm just busy with the usual business of life here ... and am feeling great. How about you?

The weather has been great here. By "great", I mean it is getting back to the normal seasonal weather ... there have been alternate periods of rainy and sunny days, which is great because this way, harmful damages may be minimized. Yet, it seems mandatory water rationing in the coming summer would still be necessary. I am still not sure how this would affect my daily life since I don't know how water rationing works here. Luckily I am not too interested in dyeing my own yarns yet.

This year, I am determined to do more on my part to help honey bees. First in mind is to grow as many flowers they like in my little patio as I can. I hope you can help too ... go and read more. I am going to.

The Swatch #1 in the title is this:
How do you like the colour combination? I finished and blocked it last night and thought it was okay. I like the greens ... but not sure about the yellows and the green in the very centre. It is a good thing my gauge was not right ... so I get to make another swatch and play a bit more with the colours.

The Knit Picks Palette is soooo soft! Love it so far.

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