Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I am not a born pack leader

Recently my most favourite tv reruns are Dog Whisperer. I never had a dog before but Husband did. If conditions permit, we would like to have a dog and a cat. But after watching several episodes of the show, I start to have a certain idea that, without guidance, what kind of dog owner I would be ... the kind who would have my dog controlling me! LOL! Really, this show is very educational. Now I know some basic principles of establishing relationship with a dog. And if we really are to have a dog, first thing I do is to seek out local dog-training class.

My exercise routine is still being maintained. My next goal is to add some weight/resistance training. I am researching on the internet to work out my own circuit-training routine to be done in the gym I go. The first and foremost principle is still to keep things simple so that the motivation can be kept high.

Knitting-wise, I spent the Presidents' Day long weekend working on the Unst Lace Stole:
All 10 repeats for the center of the stole are done! The problem of putting down the project and picking it up again after a period of time is that I am more prone to making mistakes. So after finishing the 8th repeat, I decided to keep going. Honestly, I felt quite a relief to have this part done. Next would be the borders on the two ends ... but that would be the goal for March.

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