Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Busy ... but not much to show

Last year, except the summer months when we could dip into the swimming pool, I pretty much gave up exercising. I did pick up a few pounds along the way, but that is not really the problem. What is then? I've been feeling guilty because I know I should exercise. So, I decide to really really drag myself away from the couch and tv set. To make sure I won't stop after, say just one week, I keep everything simple this time ... 30 minutes on the treadmill every time I go.

During the first week, I managed to go 3 times and basically could only walk at a snail (comparatively) speed. Last week (the 3rd week), I was able to go 4 times ... and I could slow jog (that is, at other people's walking speed) for 9 minutes during the 30-minute workout. I read somewhere that alternating the walking and the jogging would be much more beneficial. Actually, it is more satisfying too ... the jogging becomes more do-able to me and I could feel I accomplished more. Yesterday, I finished 7 laps in 30 minutes ... felt pretty good!

I started working on the colour combination of Autumn Rose. Googled a little on the web and found an interesting little tool that would be great help in colour work. It is called JDraw. The problem is it only runs on Windows. Besides, the number of grids seems to be fixed ... at least I couldn't find out how to add. So at the end, I had to return to Gimp. It's not as ready to use as JDraw, but that is not really the problem. My colour sense is. ;) A lot of work has to be done before I can get down to the actual swatch.

So, for the time being, I only have half a sock to show:
Isn't the colourway gorgeous? This was the last of Debi's gifts, Cherry Tree Hill Supersock. I first used it with Saxony Socks from A Fine Fleece. The cables would be alright, but the moss stitch and the colourway just won't get together well. So, after 3 rows into the pattern, I decided to switch. Dublin Bay is perfect. For Saxony, I think the solid Kroy in my stash would be great.

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